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Hello friends, It’s been a while!

Sorry for all the white noise, I’m leaving this post in hopes to explain mine and the webcomic’s current status:

Since the launch of ‘Hartwin’ my life has been under many trials. I left college to pursue my internet dreams of making profit out of a free to read story and I think I refused to accept anything other than my dream job. Not only did it strain the relationship I had with some family members, I struggled with basic human living which came as no surprise and so, I realized that I need stability to be able move forward with this because the shaky and desperate attempts to function properly as a 22 year old unemployed college dropout isn’t cutting it. I decided to build myself from the ground up.

I wanted things a certain way and I’m happy knowing that it may never truly flourish, at the end of the day I’m creating this for me and until I can allow myself to indulge in it again, it is sadly standing still. Wish me luck everyone, I will do my best and hopefully come back sooner rather than later.

Thank you for understanding!~

November 7, 2019